SKB publishes annually a large number of scientific reports, majority of them presenting research results in various fields. SKB also publishes information material.

SKB’s reports are published in series which are listed below. The whole series can be viewed by clicking on the related link. If you are searching for one particular report, type its number in the search field to the right. If you prefer to search by the title and/or the author and refine your search by the language or the publishing year, go to the search page.

All publications can be read and downloaded as pdf files and (with the exception of P- and IPR-series and the older TR-reports) also ordered as print editions.

To order a print edition click on the Order on the right side of the publication in the hit list. The publication will be added to the order basket. The number of ordered publications will be shown on the top right side. To complete your order click on Order basket and follow the instructions on the screen.

Please note that some reports containing errors have been updated. This is indicated by "Updated"/"Uppdaterad" and the date after the title. All updated reports are listed here.

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