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Greenland Analogue Project

Since 2008 SKB, Posiva and NWMO have been carried out a project on Greenland to increase knowledge about the conditions during an ice age.

The Greenland Analogue Project – GAP – is a multilateral research project on Greenland's west coast (east of Kangerlussuaq). The aim is to improve the current understanding of how an ice sheet affects the groundwater flow and water chemistry around a  deep geological repository in crystalline bedrock during glacial periods and with the presence of permafrost. Researchers from universities and geological surveys in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Finland and Sweden have been studying the ice sheet and have drilled through the ice and in the bedrock at the ice edge.

The large-scale field investigations in the GAP were concluded in the autumn of 2012. The project is now in a reporting phase where the results of the 2008–2012 investigations are being evaluated and interpreted. Final reporting of the results from the GAP is expected to be finished at the beginning of 2015.

Illustration GAP-logga


Ice sheet base camp

 Sub-project A base camp during field work in 2009. Photo. Sam Doyle.


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